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We Help (B2B) Businesses Get More Appointments, Leads & Sales via LinkedIn

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How it works


Before we can start connecting and reaching out to your potential clients, we’ve got to determine exactly who we want to go after. We’ll ask you a couple of questions to help you and us understand who you’d love to work with.


After writing effective sales copy aka messaging sequence, it’s time to start contacting decision-makers to introduce your business activities in a non-pushy, friendly way. They’ll receive your communication right in their inbox.


Now it’s your turn to spend around 10-15 minutes a day to scroll through your LinkedIn app and reply to any incoming interesting leads. Think of people asking you to send more information through email, book an appointment or call, etc.

The process explained



First, we’ve to go ahead and optimize your personal LinkedIn profile for leads & sales. This is a very important step and it’s where everything starts. Potential clients will be visiting your LinkedIn profile so we’ve got to make sure it’s set up to attract as many leads, appointments, and clients as possible for your company. The three most important optimizations are your headline, profile picture, and background photo, which we’ll go ahead and do for you. 

The next step is to start writing a sequence of 3-4 direct messages that we’ll be sending to your potential clients. At the start of the campaign, we’ll ask you a few easy questions to understand your business better. With that information, we’ll write an effective messaging sequence that people will actually respond to. How it works is that prospects that accept your connection request will be receiving those direct messages helping you to introduce your company to them and get the conversation going.





After optimizing your LinkedIn profile, defining your target market, and writing the messaging, we’ll start getting lists with leads by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These lists are highly targeted because we’ll be making use of filters. Think of filtering on location, industry, function title, seniority level to only start reaching out to people that could become a great potential client. So we’ll have a high-quality list of decision-makers to start building valuable relationships with. This process repeats as long as you want to keep running your lead generation campaign.

During this stage, new prospects will start accepting your connection request. As soon as a connection was accepted, we’ll be scraping all the valuable details of new LinkedIn connections for you including their name, email address, website, phone number, company, position & location. We’ll put this conveniently in a Google Sheet so you can always have an easy overview of your most valuable contacts that help you push your business forward.




PHASE 5 (Optional)

If you’re looking to get the absolute most out of your B2B lead generation campaign, then we’d recommend also get in touch through email with prospects that didn’t reply to your messages on LinkedIn. Some people are busy and forget to reply on LinkedIn, and will reply through email. We’ll help you write another effective sequence but this time an email sequence. Through one of your business email addresses, we’ll continue the conversation to maximize conversions with valuable contacts that we connected with on LinkedIn.

Are you next?


Here’s one of our valued US clients where we help them to get in touch with new contacts throughout the United States. These potential clients that we’re reaching out to daily are high-value clients. As you can see on the screenshot here, our client says he’s quoting some people. 

How would it help you if you have a reliable partner that sends you new leads every single month over and over again? 

The only thing this specific client does is replying to incoming leads on LinkedIn, jumping on a call with them when interesting, and then putting together proposals. This is the exact same process that we can help you with as well. We help you build new, valuable connections and you help them with the rest of the sales process.


What we believe in


Only The Best Marketing Solutions

We work hard every day, and remind ourselves every day, that we only want to put the best of the best digital marketing solutions in this world that business owners can really rely on to help them achieve their business goals.


The Internet Can Help You Grow

As a Millennial, CJ, decided he would learn everything about selling & digital marketing that he possibly could to help companies thrive in the Digital Age. When done right, the internet is the best thing to expand your business.


Committed To Your Success

Our team exists of extremely motivated people with a great work ethic that always goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy. We want you to be successful because we want to be your reliable go-to marketing partner for the long term.


Learning & Improving Never Stops

Back in 2017, CJ had the opportunity to be an Operations Manager at a successful digital marketing agency where he learned everything needed to succeed in the digital marketing world. We’re connected to the best marketers in the world.


– If you’ve got an existing client base but looking to expand and get more clients for your B2B business and are willing to spend 10-15 minutes per day to reply to incoming LinkedIn leads

– If you’ve got a healthy, successful company that’s been in the B2B space for at least a few years

– If you’re tired from working with marketing agencies that don’t deliver on their promises resulting in still being unhappy with your current lead generation strategy

– If you feel like you want to stop using LinkedIn without getting any real results and start using your LinkedIn profile as a real business tool bringing in new appointments, sales & clients on auto-pilot

– If you believe that marketing is an investment and know that it can help you move your business forward with the right strategy and agency



1. We know what works on LinkedIn and can help you truly stand out from your competitors and 99% of people using LinkedIn.

2. We help you write a great, effective sequence of direct messages to promote your business’ products or services in a non-pushy way that people respond to.

3. We love our clients and take good care of them. Expect fast and clear friendly communication.

4. We are here to help you grow your business and give you suggestions on how to improve your marketing and further expand your business.

5. We’ve been working with clients all over the world including The Netherlands, USA, Thailand, Vietnam helping them get results through LinkedIn. Reach out to us and let us know where you’re from.

6.  We love digital marketing & sales systems and will use smart lead generation strategies you most likely never heard of. 


Need help with something else?


Google Ads

Are you looking to get more calls, appointments, and clients for your service-based business? We can help with setting up a profitable campaign that will help you get a great ROI. Talk to us today and find out how we can get you more calls ASAP.

Website Design

It all starts with having a great foundation, your company’s website. It should be set up in a way to convert visitors into customers. Your website, a sales system, should function as your best salesperson that never gets tired. Talk to us today if you need help upgrading your website.


Client reviews

Thanks to CJ we have a few new clients through the LinkedIn campaign.

Marcel Wattez, Elim, The Netherlands

Owner, Bouwnetwerk Noord B.V.

CJ set up and successfully completed a LinkedIn campaign for me that resulted in a larger than expected number of high-quality leads in multiple countries, which are very valuable to me.

By using LinkedIn in this way, thanks to CJ’s approach, my network has grown enormously in a short time. If you are interested in finding new connections in your target group in an efficient way, I highly recommend contacting DCM Agency.

Sebastiaan Huisman, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Managing Director, DBHH Global Trading

I worked with CJ for a couple years, then on/off with a few projects since. Very few people I trust as highly. He’s extremely motivated, has a great work ethic, and goes the extra mile to ensure clients are happy.

If you need help with client acquisition, he’ll be a major asset to your business. Nothing else needs said here, CJ knows his stuff, and won’t stop working until his clients get results.

Daryl Rosser, Corby, United Kingdom

Owner, Lion Zeal

DCM Agency has built our website for our company in Kazakhstan. This was not an easy job concerning text translations and placing the website on a Kazakh host. DCM Agency took responsibility for it and completed it. They also always quickly respond to e-mails and questions. Nothing is too much to ask. We are very satisfied with the website and how it came about. We certainly recommend DCM Agency!

Team J.Bouw B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

J.Bouw B.V.

We’ve hired many different people over the course of the last few years so we can say with absolute certainty that CJ stands out above the rest. Not only was CJ very responsive and professional with his work and correspondence with us, but he was also a great listener. He understood exactly what we wanted and was able to create something that we were very happy with, while doing so with minimal revisions. Highly recommended! Thanks again CJ!

Michael Carbone & Alice Bush, Montreal, Canada

Online Entrepreneurs, Michael Carbone

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