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LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Services to Increase Your Customer Base


What would happen to your business if you could add an extra 2-3 clients every single month?

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation services can help you get in front of new customers every single day.

The main goal of a campaign will be attracting new clients in your niche.

Your LinkedIn page is going to be an important part of your campaign. It’s similar to a website, so we’re gonna optimise it for maximum results.

Our Process


Understanding Your Business

We’ll ask you a couple of questions about your business so we can go ahead and write effective sales copy that connects perfectly with your audience

Define Target Market

We’ll make sure we fully understand what type of clients you’re looking to attract, and where they’re based


Writing Effective Messaging

We’ll be sending out a sequence of messages to prospects on LinkedIn after they accepted your friend request, during this stage we’ll write the messaging

Launch Campaign

Every single day we’ll be connecting with new people in your target market, and promote your services in a non-pushy way

New Clients

A % of the people we connect with will be interested in buying your services, and become your customer

This is an example of a recent campaign where we got a 26% reply rate, meaning out of 86 messages sent, we got 23 people replying to our offer

Now of course, not everybody that replied is going to buy. However, a % of those people will be interested in your services and end up becoming a customer.


Unfortunately, we can’t help everybody with this service because some LinkedIn accounts simply aren’t ready to start attracting new leads at scale.

Basically, to determine whether we can work with you, we’ll look at some of the things below:┬á

  • For how long have you been using LinkedIn
  • How many connections do you have (100 required at the very minimum)
  • How many messages do you send daily
  • Must have a successful business offering B2B services