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Google Ads Management to Start Getting Leads & Calls ASAP

Do you have a local service business and have you been struggling to get more leads, appointments, and sales consistently? Let us help you to manage your Google Ads account to start have your phone ringing in the next few days.

Option #1 is a great option if you have an emergency-type business and you want to have people calling you ASAP. No landing page needed to get your campaign up and running.

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Option #2 is great if you would like to use an (existing) landing page on your website to drive traffic to and convert people into clients. Usually more cost-effective.

Option #1: Call only ads

You have a business where you help people solve a problem that needs attention IMMEDIATELY. A big problem that cannot wait.

There are plenty of examples of businesses that offer emergency type of services. For example, a beekeeper who helps a person to remove bees in and around their house. That’s usually a problem that needs to be solved FAST.

Other examples could be you being a plumber and helping people 24/7 with any issues that come up. If someone’s house got flooded with water because of leaking pipes, then they’d like someone to come over ASAP.

Or maybe you’re a therapist and you offer (online) therapy for people that are experiencing a life crisis. A need someone to talk to the minute it comes up.

Below we’ve outlined what Call Only Ads are all about:

Gets Your Phone Ringing

If you need to have your phone ringing ASAP with people that have an urgent problem that needs solved, then this is perfect for you.

Have Ads Up & Running Fast

Allows you to execute ultrafast because you don’t need to build a landing page before you can start the campaign.

Expensive Cost Per Clicks

A phone call click is more expensive than a website click. You’ll also need to make up for a lower quality score with higher bids (because no lander).

Option #2: Expanded text ads

Expanded Text Ads are a great option for a variety of businesses. It’s the most common one when people talk about “Google Ads”.

The process here is setting up a landing page in case you don’t have one set up yet.

Then through Google Ads, we’re gonna send traffic to that landing page. So it’s VERY important that this page must be set up in such a way to convert people into leads & clients.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a landing page just yet, we can help you set one up for you.

For instance, you might want people to book an appointment with you for one of the services you offer, like counseling. Then after submitting their email address and name, they’ll become a lead.
Since we use a landing page, we can increase your so-called quality score.

Why is that important? Because with a low-quality score, you’ve to increase your bids. With a good quality score, on the other hand, you get cheaper clicks.

Below we’ve outlined what Expanded Text Ads are all about:

Get Qualified Leads In Your Inbox

We’ll promote your products or services in your desired location(s) and have people leave their contacts details delivered in your inbox so you can focus on closing the sale.

Landing Page Is Needed

You’re going to need a highly optimized landing page to send people to that clicked your ads. If you already have one, perfect. If not, then we can help you do it for you.

Cheaper Cost Per Clicks

A click redirecting to a landing page is going to be cheaper than a phone click. If you’re looking to lower your biddings, it might be worth going for Expanded Text Ads.


We charge you a monthly management fee based on the complexity of the ad campaign.

If you’ve already got an existing Google Ads account where you ran ads in the past, we’ll ask you to give read-only access to see what’s been happening in the past.

If you don’t have an ads account yet, that doesn’t need to stop us from helping you. Feel free to reach out using the form below to have a chat.

We do not work with accounts that are looking to spend less than $1000 per month on Google Ads in the US, UK & Australia. So if you’re looking to have a daily budget of $10-$20, we won’t be able to help.

Let’s get your Google Ads campaign going.