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Our Story

As a Millennial, raised with the internet, and a father in sales, CJ de Zeeuw, the founder of DCM Agency, knew that his career would be very different from his father’s when he connected to the internet for the first time.

Because the internet has changed the way we live, but also how we do business.

Since then, through the same determination his father had with his job, CJ decided to learn everything about sales and digital marketing to help companies succeed in The Digital Age.

We believe in great digital sales systems. And we also believe in complete dedication.

This same dedication took CJ literally to the other side of the globe: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A bit of history

After CJ worked with a well-known name in the SEO and digital marketing industry for more than two years, it was time for him to continue building his own agency. That was also the time we started to get clients more consistently.

But that great opportunity is where it all started. Because he took this chance, one of which the requirements were doing 100 cold calls as part of the qualifying process for this role, he ended up being an Operations Manager of a digital marketing company. Through that, he learned all the ins and outs of lead generation and digital marketing.

A funny fact is that he also came into contact with this same mentor through the internet. Not much later, CJ had become his right-hand. When people talk about shortcuts, this is one of the most effective ones one can get. To succeed in the digital marketing world, you need a strong foundation together with valuable skills. And that was exactly what this opportunity was all about.

That was back in 2017 when people were not used to working remotely yet. But back then, we were already working remotely from the other side of the world while helping clients in the West with their marketing.

Having had all these great experiences as the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and building a great network of valuable connections, we work hard every day and remind ourselves that we only want to put the very best products in this world.

What we do

We specialize in LinkedIn marketing and lead generation, helping our clients to achieve their business goals, and ensure that they enjoy running and growing their business at the same time.

We help companies to dominate their market by having them become the 1st choice over their competitors. We serve clients internationally across a variety of different industries.

Next to LinkedIn campaigns, we also help local businesses getting them more leads, calls, and appointments through Google Ads.

The foundation of a successful company is to ensure that you have a reliable lead generation system that runs 24/7 for you. So you can succeed online. And that’s where we come in.

A safe choice

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving. To serve our clients to the best of our ability, we know our in-house skills have to be top-notch. Additionally, we also understand the importance of being connected to the best marketing minds in the world.

Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2018

That’s why, when traveling around was much easier, we used to attend conferences all around the globe, like the famous “Chiang Mai SEO Conference”.

But it’s not only about going to events and conferences. Our closest friends are top-notch marketers. So even in rare cases where we would get stuck with a project, we’ll always be able to get “unstuck” by the valuable connections we’ve made along the way.

Digital Marketing Meetup Rotterdam 2019

We also like hosting digital marketing meetups ourselves, like the image above was a meetup we did in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

Feel free to hit us up if you would like to receive an invitation for our next meetup, wherever that may be.

Ceesjan (CJ) de Zeeuw

Ceesjan (CJ) de Zeeuw

LinkedIn Expert

CJ is a digital marketing consultant, traveler, and entrepreneur from a small town in The Netherlands. It’s his goal to help his clients succeed in the digital world. He founded DCM Agency to pursue his passion for helping businesses succeed in The Digital Age.

Bart de Zeeuw

Bart de Zeeuw

Google Ads Specialist

Bart loves managing Google Ads campaigns that help our clients reach their business goals while giving them a great ROI. In his free time, he likes traveling, relaxing at the beach, or jumping on his bike and explore. He also loves reading.