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Website Design That Fit Your Needs

We offer different websites for different goals. Single page websites are sales optimised landing pages that focus on lead generation whether it’s getting a quote, appointment, etc. Multi-page websites are suitable to use as your general website for your brand. Contact us to learn what you need for your business.

Option #1 is a great option if you have a local service business from a painting company to a roofer and anything in between. Or need a specific landing page for one of your company’s offerings.

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Option #2 is a great option if you need more custom work and need more than one page on your website. This is a good choice for (B2B) companies and other businesses that want to have a great presence.

Option #1: Single page website aka landing page

Please note: Even though this is a great option for local service businesses, it’s not limited to only these types of businesses. Get in touch if you need a landing page for your business.


One-page single sites are great to send traffic to and convert visitors into clients. A few elements that a sales optimised website should have are social proof, great sales copy, and a very clear call-to-action. We’ll help you build a strong sales page.


We believe local service businesses don’t need informative websites that people don’t bother to read. Instead, they need a powerful site to generate leads fast by showing visitors in one overview why this is the company to work with.


Strong converting landing pages are a part of every successful company that wants to drive online leads and sales. No matter what your goal is, we can help you achieve it by creating a perfectly crafted page ready to start sending traffic to.

Option #2: Multi-page website

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If a one-page website doesn’t fit with your brand, and you need a multi-page custom solution instead that helps you position yourself as the expert you are, then this option is for you.

Why would you need a great website?

Because it’s more important than ever to have your systems set up to be successful online.

These days it’s the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. Simply because everybody is online.

If you can’t manage to attract buyers through your online systems, something is wrong.

But how do you do it?

It all starts with having a great foundation, your company’s website. It should be set up in a way to convert visitors into customers.

Your website, a sales system, should function as your best salesperson that never gets tired. Because your website can do its job for you even while you sleep. It doesn’t need a break or a holiday.

It needs to be 100% optimised for mobile. If it isn’t, you’re losing money. Too many companies run advertising campaigns while sending traffic to sites that aren’t set up for conversion, and thinking “Why am I losing money?” or “This ad campaign doesn’t seem to work”.

Are you 100% confident that your online sales systems are set up to be successful in 2021 and beyond?

If not, feel free to reach out and we’ll try to find out if we can help.

Features & benefits of the websites we design


A tablet, laptop, MacBook or phone: your website will look stunning on any device


Start giving your visitors the user experience they deserve


We’ll host your website on Google Cloud to make sure your site loads ultra-fast


Easily manage your website and add any new posts or pages whenever you want


Make a great (first) impression on people visiting your website


We build powerful websites ready to convert visitors into clients

Ready to take a step and talk about your website?