People and companies post messages on Facebook and Twitter that can be seen all over the world. Facebook and Twitter are two different social media platforms. If you or your company has an ongoing social media campaign, you must log in to Facebook and Twitter to post.

In this article, I would like to explain how you can post on Facebook and Twitter at the same time without having to log in separately.

Sounds familiar?

Maybe you are the social media manager within your company? If so, you are likely to post on Facebook and Twitter several times a day. Maybe you are a freelancer and you have your own company page where you can share updates with your target group.

Whatever your position is, you’ll most likely be active on social media and it’s probably only going to increase.

Dutch Click Media’s Social Media Dashboard is free to use and helps you to save time since it enables you to post on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. This way you no longer have to log in manually on Facebook and Twitter.

When in the dashboard, click the “New post” tab. You will find this tab next to the “Dashboard Home” tab. You will see “Publish to”. Make sure to tick Facebook and Twitter. Think of an interesting and fun message to share and write it up in the box with the title “Write post”.

TIP: Give tips, state facts and try to keep your campaign social. Don’t just focus on the products and/or services you offer!

Determine date and time to post your message

The final step is choosing the date and time you want your message posted on your social media accounts. Would you rather post the message in two weeks or three months? No problem.

You can easily choose the date at “Choose Date & Time”. Finally, click on “Confirm” and your message is ready to be posted on Facebook and Twitter at the same time!

After clicking the “Confirm” button you will see the message appear in the overview including the date, time and social media icons. Start saving a huge amount of time today by posting on Facebook and Twitter at the same time!

And finally…

The free version of our social dashboard enables you to schedule as much content as you want. No costs involved. In addition to Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can also link your Pinterest and LinkedIn account to our dashboard.

If you’re a social media manager, you might want to consider signing up for the pro version of our account. For example, you can view statistics on the content you post (think of top hashtags and the best time to post your content) and you can use all Visual Composer templates.

Not using our free Social Media Dashboard yet? Click the following link and get your 14-day pro account for free:

Maybe you’re not ready to sign up yet but instead looking for more information about the dashboard? We’ve got a page explaining how the dashboard helps SMEs. Start discovering the various useful functions that the dashboard contains!

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